April Showers and Spring Flowers

The arrival of Spring sees daffodils in full bloom, and early flowering shrubs and trees that make our gardens and countryside look so fresh and lively. The grass is growing and looking for its first cut. Now is the time for some lawn care, use a Spring fertiliser with iron to kill the moss, and follow this by scarifying your grass to remove the moss and thatch.

We are often asked ‘which is the right mower for our lawn’? Firstly, we find out what sort of finish you require. If it’s a mower that will cut the grass short, produce stripes and get right up to the edge of the lawn then we have two choices; either a cylinder mower or a rotary with a rear roller. If the requirement is for a good cut and not so short, then a four-wheeled mower is the solution, (they are normally slightly cheaper). If you are unable, or prefer not to cut lawn yourself, then an iMow robotic mower could fit your bill. iMows start at £999.00 plus a small fitting charge, The great advantage is that they do all the work themselves with little or no attention. We’ve been using one ourselves for a few years and we’re delighted with the results. Customers are welcome to see our iMow in action by appointment.

Finally, we have the battery mowers which are very easy to use, and you won’t have to worry about having petrol and oil in your garden shed. Battery mowers are easily charged after use ready for your next cut.

We have a special offer of up to 15% off on all the Viking mowers we have in stock. Come into our shop and select the mower that is the right one for your garden.
We also stock the Stihl cordless (battery) range of products. Within this range there are blowers, trimmers and hedge trimmers. These start at £99.00 for small gardens, followed by the compact system from £199.00 for the medium and large gardens. Finally the professional range for our professional gardeners.

Viking and Stihl garden tractors are very reliable and easy to use. Depending on the model you can cut and collect, mulch or discharge. The one we use has over 900 hours on the clock with lots of life left in it. If you are contemplating a garden tractor come and see the Viking range.

Hayter and Toro mowers are also quality brands. The Hayter mowers we stock all have rear rollers, some have the new ‘instart’ engines which our customers find are a big improvement on the old key start mowers. Toro mowers are all 4 wheeled and can collect or mulch with either key or rope starts.

We also stock trimmers, hedge cutters, chain saws, power washers, garden tools and barbecook barbecues. Invest in the correct piece of equipment for your garden and have pleasure using it, we will be happy to advise you.

As is said by many customers, we have an Aladdin’s cave with lots of goodies so come in and explore. We are open Monday to Friday 08.30 till 17.00 and Saturday 10.00 till 13.00.

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