Are you ready for Autumn?

Littl’ Juey strimmer and brushcutter heads. The great thing about these heads is that they will fit almost any make of petrol machines, all we need to know is whether the strimmer has a straight or bent shaft then, we can offer you the correct head.

The wonderful concept of these heads is that you do not need to wind the nylon around the spool all you need to do is insert a length of nylon into the head and tighten it up, no spanners required and off you go again. We have also got the new combat reloads which are extremely good for use in tough conditions. Special offer this month; 1 nylon head and 2 combat reloads with free fitting all from £40.00. Tip of the month: Always keep your nylon line out of the sun and keep it damp.

This wet summer has washed away many of the nutrients out of your lawn therefore, it is hungry and a good Autumn fertilizer will help to perk it up ready for Winter. We stock 20kg bags of Angus Fertiliser’s Autumn Rise which has an analysis of 3 N-O P-22 K 4 MGO 3 FE and 6 CAO. To most this will be double dutch but it will improve your lawn, also a light scarify to remove the thatch prior to your fertilizer application is a great idea.

When you turn to your shrub beds and hedges there is a lot of materials to dispose of, this is where a chipper shredder comes in very handy and you can either use the material as a mulch or if you have to dispose of it the volume is greatly reduced either to fit into the bin or transport it to the local recycling centre. There are many different types of shredder so always ensure that you buy the correct one for your requirements. We can show you the differences because looks can be deceptive.

When you are thinking of cutting your hedges and tidying up why not look at the Stihl battery range of equipment, these machines are very quiet and quite light to handle so you do not have to disturb the neighbours when you cut your hedge early in the morning or in the evening. The Stihl range of battery equipment which now has fifteen different models only requires one battery and one charger.

We have a large showroom with a vast array of garden equipment on display for all gardens, both large and small and for all budgets. If you have not been out to see us make an effort before you try the supermarkets and you will be surprised at the prices and the quality, plus our machines will be sold ready to go.

Happy Gardening,

James Marshall

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