Welcome to Spring 2019

Mowing the grass

Another year begins, with new challenges and plans to make, and importantly – gardens to maintain! We do not know, at time of writing this, how BREXIT is going to affect availability of stock might affect our garden machinery business. We have been assured that at the start of the season we will have stock with only minimal price changes, so our advice would be to come in and discuss any requirements you have sooner rather than later. We have some special offers on current stock mowers, so don’t miss out on these.
The iMow robotic mowers have been giving some very promising results. One customer was heard to say that his grass looked far better than his neighbours who had turf laid: he keeps an eye on his lawn by using the Stihl APP when he is travelling! We’ve used an iMow in our own garden for a few years now, and the area it cuts was the best-looking lawn we had this year, so we intend to extend the area which is cut robotically this year. The IMows starts at £999.00 which is about the same as a Viking 19” mower, and there are no petrol costs………. or even your time to consider.
For the “quiet” gardens, the range of Stihl cordless equipment including lawnmowers, trimmers, hedge cutters, blowers will allow you to enjoy your garden without disturbing your neighbours, with prices starting at £99.00.
Thinking about winter maintenance for your equipment? Get ahead of the queue and do it now. Call us to book into the workshop.
Once the grass starts to grow. It’s time to think about moss control. You can use lawn-sand or a spring fertiliser containing iron to kill the moss and then scarify the lawn. It’s amazing how much moss and thatch comes out. We have petrol scarifiers available to make the job easier.
As always, we welcome enquiries and visitors to our shop. We wish all our readers a very happy new gardening year.

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